Publishing Today

We passionately believe there are many stories to be told, many words to yet be released, from the hearts of men and women everywhere. When everything inside you is bursting to let your voice be heard, a book begins to emerge.

However, in today’s publishing world, most first time authors must invest thousands of dollars to see their work published. Here’s the way things used to be:

You wrote a manuscript. After a few self-edits, you wrote a book proposal and sent a polished chapter to a publisher for review. If they liked your work, they would enter into a contract with you to perhaps advance you a little money on the expected sale of your book. Once your book began to sell, the publisher would retain all rights to the book, as well as take a large percentage of the royalties (that’s the retail price of the book, minus the cost to print it) Only prolific writers, or ones whose work became a hit would actually make a living at writing books.

Much has changed in the last decade or so. Now, unless you are Oprah or J. K. Rowling, few publishers will accept first time authors. If you happen to have a very large network (over 100,000 people) they would consider publishing your book. The reason is, that like any company, they are in business to make money. When a well known personality writes a book, the publisher is not taking a huge risk to have the book developed, printed and distributed. They know people will buy the book and their upfront investment will pay off.

But something interesting has developed in the publishing world in the last decade. Now, a first time author, with little or no network, can submit his manuscript to a publisher and enter into a “co-publishing” relationship. Translation – the author assumes all the financial burden for the privilege of having the publisher’s logo on their book. The publishers also receive a percentage of the royalties. Some publishers also offer inclusion in their catalog, but beyond that, the author had to handle the marketing himself.

This financial investment the author makes is usually in the multiple thousands, and he also has to purchase 100 or more copies of his book. I know a few people who went this route, and they still have boxes of their books in the basement.

It just bothered us that these companies were making it so costly for an author to have their voice heard. We understand that the publishers are in business and have to make a profit, but the margins all seemed to favor the publisher, and the person who had invested their heart and their wallet in the deal didn’t seem to benefit nearly as much.

We decided to invest our time and energy into self-publishing. We’ve learned a lot along the way. But, we realized that the knowledge and skill we’ve learned  could help other people who wanted to see their books in print – and, for a fraction of the cost of co-publishing with a big publishing house!

So, here we are, ready to roll up our sleeves with you and get that manuscript polished ready for the world.  It will require a tremendous amount of work on both our parts. But we believe your voice should be heard because you have something valuable to say.