Business Resources


Conversations That Create Trust

By Charles Fields

If you want to create trust with people, then this book is for you. Your conversations create the environment to build trust or destroy it. There are five things that could happen when I listen and respond to what you say. Four of them aren’t helpful; they can damage trust and ultimately the relationship.” Do you know what they are? This book will tell you that and much more on the art of listening.

In a story style, this easy read explains and has the characters demonstrate, the critical components of a conversation that will either build relationships, or damage them.  Although targeted to a business audience, the skills are universal, and can be applied to any relationship.

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Spiritual Life


Joseph’s Story – A Father’s Tale

By Charles L. Fields

“How does a father raise his son? I had no manual. My own father lived miles away in another part of the country. I had more questions than I had answers. I feared failing.”
That question opens Joseph’s story. It’s a question that moves from the birth of Christ to finding Him in the temple at age 12, with Joseph as the focus. It is about his struggle for answers to that question when his son is the Son of God.

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The Fellowship of The Holy Spirit: Active Engagement with the Third Person of the Trinity

By Chris Fields

This book is a menu. The Holy Spirit is the meal. Beyond knowing about what He does, this book helps you discover who He is. You are invited into the most beautiful, intimate friendship imaginable. Come and be changed forever.

This book offers a guided study of the many names given to the Holy Spirit for you to pursue your own relationship with Him.

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The Supernatural Life of Saint Patrick

By Chris Fields

He healed the blind and lame, raised the dead, and saw an entire nation come to faith in Jesus Christ.
St. Patrick is one of the most well known and beloved saints in history, yet most people have never heard of the great miracles, signs and wonders that filled his life.
In this book you will not only discover the supernatural power this saint of Ireland walked in, but your own faith journey will be challenged to experience more fully the life of the Spirit available to all believers in Jesus Christ.

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