Effective Presentations


Leaders communicate. It is one of the foundational skills of leadership. It comes with the job. But no matter how much you know, or how great your ideas are, without good presentation skills, no one may ever know.


Overview: To learn and practice the skills needed for making effective presentations.

In this practical two-day workshop we will cover:

  • 4 elements of how we communicate
  • 3 “knows” for planning, organizing, and delivering a presentation
  • 3 different types of presentations
  • 4 signs of resistance and how to deal with them
  • 2 methods for dealing with questions
  • 3 tips for rehearsing and dealing with butterflies
  • 2 ways to evaluate the outcome of the presentation
  • Preparing for a real upcoming presentation

Every participant will receive a presentation skills manual, a checklist of preparation tips, and a video tape of their presentations.